Welcome to Nalanda

Nalanda is a Sanskrit word combination of three words, Na+alam+Daa, meaning “no stopping of the gift of knowledge”.

Knowledge is the sky with no limits that each individual can explore based on personal interests, abilities and available resources.

At Nalanda, through the Brighter Minds Brain Development Training Program, we provide resources to explore limitless sky. We help each child to know and reach their potential. We believe in empowering today's children to empower the future.

group of people wearing white and orange backpacks walking on gray concrete pavement during daytime

Our Commitment

At Nalanda, our commitment is to equip each child with Brighter Minds science-based tools and techniques to achieve brighter minds and brighter futures.

We understand that providing a safe environment of love, joy and positivity along with science and research-based tools are fundamental for a child’s intellectual, emotional and social transformation.


Edmonton, CA

About us

Nalanda is the sole authorized dealer for Brighter Minds in Western Canada.