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Brighter Minds is a finely tuned system of tools and techniques informed by the latest advances in neuroscience that enable children to develop their cognitive abilities within a framework of love and support.

The intellectual, emotional and social transformation that it catalyzes in every child may seem nothing short of magical, but at the core of our program and process is pure, evidence-based science.



The brain is highly moldable, especially in children — as they grow, the kind of external stimuli they are continuously exposed to shapes their cognitive functioning. Research in neuroscience proves that, just like we exercise different parts of our body, exercising different parts of the brain can enhance multiple aspects of cognitive function. ​

Learning is an outcome of connections and reconnections between 80 billion neurons that each human brain is made of. Neurons communicate through brainwaves or synchronized electrical activity. Brainwave frequency tends to align itself with the frequency of any external stimulus. This tendency is utilized in a process called brainwave entrainment where brainwave frequencies are adjusted or adapted to a desired external stimulus. ​ Specific interventions and stimuli like music, relaxation-meditation, and brain exercises are associated with changes in neuroplasticity in specific parts of the brain. A phenomena known as sensory substitution, or augmentation, has been observed among the blind that actually helps to compensate for the loss of vision through alternate or exaggerated sensory pathways. This proves that wiring within the brain is a result of repeated and habituated external actions.

Neurons that fire together wire together — a specific set of stimuli or practices can induce fresh neural connections between the parts of the brain that are activated during the process. In addition, physical exercise releases endorphins, produce antioxidants that protect brain cells against free radical damage and can stimulate Neurogenesis, or the ability of the brain to regenerate neurons. ​

Every Brighter Minds program is based on these twin concepts of Neuroplasticity and Entrainment. Appropriate tools and interventions in a conducive environment can stimulate neuroplasticity in the brain during childhood and beyond, enhancing every individual’s capacity to learn throughout their life.


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