Brighter Minds Available Programs


8 weeks
25-30 hours
9 sessions
Ages 5-15
The Alpha program is an 8-week program. The first two introductory sessions, of 4.5 hours each, are conducted on two consecutive days, preferably on weekends. The seven follow-up sessions, of 3 hours each, are conducted once a week. The Alpha program is a total of 30 hours requiring an 8-week commitment.


Alpha Plus

6 weeks
20 hours
12 sessions
Ages 7-15
The Alpha Plus program is a 6-week program. This module is for those who have completed the foundational Alpha program. This is a 20-hour program over 6 weeks.  



5 weeks
15 hours
5 sessions
Ages 35+
The Restart program is a 5-week activity-led course for adults over 35 to help fight age-related cognitive decline with exercise, meditation, nutrition and more.





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