the unlimited potential of the brain with Brighter Minds

Brighter Minds is a methodology designed to grow the brain’s ability to optimize performance through differential recruitment of the neural network.

Brighter Minds uses the science of Neuroplasticity to catalyze cognitive growth for children ages 5 to 15 for a lifetime of learning.
Using our proprietary interactive tools and techniques, each of our training programs aims at whole brain activation where the right brain, often under-addressed by the school system, is stimulated through exercise, sound waves and relaxation to achieve left-right equilibrium. The result is an intellectually, socially and emotionally brighter mind.

Our Mission

To inspire and equip every child with tools and methods to enhance cognitive functioning for achieving personal excellence, and to instil confidence in oneself. ​

Our Origin

Brighter Minds is a unique whole brain wellness program, designed and developed by a team of professionals who bring their learning from diverse fields like neuroscience, child health and development, public health, technology, marketing, media and communications. Unified by a passion for learning and a search for balance in developing the mind, body and spirit, we came together to explore the science behind it and share it with the next generation.

Brighter Minds - A GIFT FOR A LIFETIME

Our hands-on learning modules engage the body, mind and spirit to trigger each participant's hidden potential.

Brighter Minds Demonstration


Edmonton, CA

About us

Nalanda is the sole authorized dealer for Brighter Minds in Western Canada.