Registration Terms and Conditions

We agree to the following terms and conditions for admission of our child to the Training program:

1. Registration fee covers cost of one training KIT. Additional request for training KIT shall be on chargeable basis.
2. Tuition fees once paid shall not be refundable either in part or full for any reasons. (T&C 3 to 11 overleaf)
3. Children shall bring refreshments on their own. We do not provide food.
4. The Franchisee operates this operation/ Training program under Licensor and the Licensor is not responsible for the day to day operations of the Franchisee.
5. Our child has been in good health and is able to perform daily physical and mental activities without any medical conditions.
6. While the training program is designed to improve the cognitive skills of children, the effectiveness or success solely depends on the competence of the individual child. Neither the Franchisee nor the Licensor takes any responsibility for the same or guarantee success.
7. The Trainee shall undergo this extra-curricular training program on a voluntary basis and he/she does not have any infirmity which hampers such training programs.
8. We hereby waive all claims of any nature whatsoever, and agree not to hold the Franchisee or the Licensor responsible for any loss suffered by us or our child, which may rise, occur, or by attributable to but not limited to the following:
a. Breach of any representation, warranty, or promise made by us or our child or any misstatement made by us or our child;
b. Trainee’s failure to follow the instructions of the Trainers;
c. Failure to disclose in writing any physical or mental condition of our child;
d. Trainee’s inability or failure to satisfactorily complete the course requirements;
e. Interruption or termination of the training due to illness, acts of God, civil unrest or other unforeseen circumstance;
f. Any accident, injury or loss that occurs inside/outside the Training place; and
g. The Trainee is unable to adapt to the program.
9. We unconditionally authorize you to take photograph, record by audio, video, or other means the proceedings of the training program and my child’s participation therein including the right to copyright such recordings, and to use and publish them, in whole or in part in the manner that your Licensor deems fit. This authorization expressly includes the right to record, reproduce or otherwise use my child’s face, likeness and voice.
10. We unconditionally release and discharge the Franchisees, the Licensor, their employees, agents, representatives, partners, instructor, volunteers, or staff, from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the foregoing and waives any rights the undersigned individual may have against the Franchisor, the Intellectual Property owners arising out of the use and publication of said material in any manner, whether for commercial purpose or otherwise.


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